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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Gym-in-the-Pocket – Resistance bands

Gym-in-the-Pocket - Resistance Bands - The most versatile of fitness accessories. Perfect for working out anywhere; at home or at the office, in the park or on the road. Inaccessible gyms are now a thing of the past with Gym In the Pocket’s sleek design, taking out the hassles of working-out. No heavy hooks or complicated [...]

Chiropractic & Sleep

If you have had problems sleeping recently, you may relate to several symptoms such as irritability, frustration, increased stress, memory and cognitive impairment and a poorer concentration rate than before. These symptoms can lead to an increased likelihood in injuries while working, driving or carrying out activities of daily living.  Over a prolonged period of [...]

Post-surgery Rehabilitation

Post-surgery rehabilitation is an important aspect for recovery. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked or missed out. Surgery can leave a patient with scar tissue formation, muscle weakness, muscle atrophy, impaired movement, restricted range of movement and pain. These issues, if untreated, can lead to further impairment if they are not managed early. Physiotherapy is therefore [...]

Golf and Warming Up

I hear it all the time in clinic: "Dr. Sam, is this because I did not warm up before playing golf?" We’ve all heard about the importance of having a solid pre-round warm up. It has been said that it helps to improve your game of golf, find your rhythm and warm up your muscles before you [...]

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