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Disc Herniation Part 2 – How do I know if I have a slipped disc?

How do I know if I have a slipped disc - What are the common signs and symptoms? Some of the symptoms that individuals with slipped disc may experience are: Pain when coughing or sneezing Pain worsening during extension of low back, sitting or standing Numbness, tingling sensation that radiates to the limbs Weakness of [...]

Disc Herniation Part 1 – What is a slipped disc?

We often have patients that visit our clinic and say, “I think I have a slipped disc”, however not many fully understand what a slipped disc is and how it can affect the body. This article will share with you the important details you will need to know if you think you may have [...]

High Heel Alert!

High Heel Alert! High heels have become a modern necessity for ladies rather than just for fashion. It gives women a sense of elegance, of superiority and femininity. The history of high heels began a thousand years ago as status of wealth and superiority - in the 1700s, King Louis XIV was shown in a [...]

Personal Protection & Safety Talk

Join us for a FREE Personal Protection & Safety Talk! Event attendees will enjoy 50% off for first trial class (NP: RM350) Workshop will be conducted by U-Waye Chong, the Training Director for PTKGO Asia and will cover topics bellow: 1. Intro - Orientation to Personal Protection and the System 5 Minutes 2. Soft Skills [...]

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