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Aging Together – Part 3

In my final Aging Together series, we will shift our focus to identifying the signs and symptoms of vision, hearing, weight, and mobility issues. In addition, I will also give some suggestions on how aging can be slowed down. More importantly, my role as a physiotherapist is to help older adults maintain independence or improve [...]

Aging Together – Part 2

In my previous post, I discussed about how aging affects your loved one. In today’s post, I will write about how an aging loved one might affect you, what can you do about it and what are some important aging signs to look for. An aging loved one can affect you in many ways: •       [...]

Aging Together – Part 1

In medicine, more than 65 years old is defined as elderly. How many of you are living with a loved one that are considered elderly? I am by no means an expert, but I have had the experience of working with the elderly throughout my career. Some people suggest that we should treat them like [...]

Personal Protection & Safety Awareness

In today's hectic social climate, it is often easy to take one's safety and security for granted. As an initiative from Healthworks, we are currently providing training in Personal Protection and Safety Awareness that cater to personal, group, or corporate settings. Our trainer U-waye Chong is currently spearheading this initiative to help all interested individuals [...]

Is tingling or numbness a trend with desk job workers?

Just recently, Healthworks was invited to organize a spinal health screen amongst desk job workers. Within two days, we’ve managed to screen roughly about 120 people. Interestingly enough, numbness and tingling in the hand was one of the major symptoms that were reported during the health screen. So is numbness and tingling a trend amongst [...]

Special promotion for Panora readers

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Deadlift – The King of All Exercises?

The conventional deadlift is like coconut oil, chia seed, bulletproof coffee in the realm of exercises. It is widely believed to be a MUST DO exercise, which we widely believe is far from true. Let’s explore why. Before adding an exercise into your routine, several questions have to be asked. Q1: “What is the [...]

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