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Physiotherapy After Stroke

What is stroke? A stroke occurs when the normal blood flow to the brain is suddenly interrupted or blocked. Usually, it is due to bleeding or haemorrhage from a blood vessel, or a clot in a blood vessel. This interruption of the blood supply to part of the brain can damage or destroy brain cells [...]


In medical term, osteo means bone and porosis means porous. Put both of them together and you get osteoporosis, which is a condition that involves weak and brittle bones. The bones are so brittle that mild stresses such as coughing, bending over and sneezing can cause a fracture.   So how did osteoporosis come about? [...]

Physical Inactivity And Low Back Pain

The trend of physical inactivity has been increasing ever since the development of high speed technology. Though it has made most of our chores or work very much efficient, it has certainly allowed us to fall back to our seats and click away at whatever we want. At Healthworks, we realized that physical inactivity has [...]

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