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October 2019 – HealthWorks

Monthly Archives: October 2019

Pain In The Butt

Let’s get real, having pain in our buttocks can be a real pain in the butt! At Healthworks, I see many clients with lower back and buttock pain. Most of the time, it is can stops them from running, walking, standing to even sitting or lying down. So how do I approach the problem and [...]

Free Talk – The Truth About Scoliosis, 17th November 2019

Join us for a talk, titled - THE TRUTH ABOUT SCOLIOSIS on 17th November 2019, 2pm at Healthworks. Everything parents and patients need to know about this debilitating condition. Topics discussed: History of Scoliosis Treatment Options Ways to Prevent Progression Free consultation and assessment for event attendees (valued at RM299). For inquiry or to sign [...]

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a common condition which we see here at Healthworks in which the spinal cord or the spinal nerves are compressed. This pinches the nerves or spinal cord, causing various symptoms such as pain, cramping, weakness or numbness. These sensations can be felt in the lower back, legs, neck or arms depending on [...]

World Spine Day promo, October 2019

In conjunction with World Spine Day October 2019, Healthworks is giving out FREE Posture Screen and Spine Assessment (Normal price: RM299). Limited to first 100 clients only. To schedule an appointment, please call 03-6211 7533 or email #loveyourspine #saynotobackpain

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