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Muscle Spasm

Spasm is defined as a sudden and involuntary contraction of the muscle. It usually occurs during sports activity (cramps) or when we make movements that are out of our normal pattern of movements. It usually causes a sudden pain but reduces quickly thereafter.   Why does muscle spasm? (Causes of muscle spasm) Muscle spasm usually [...]

Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Pain Away!

One of the most common complaints of adverse golfers is hip pain especially of the lead leg, commonly the left leg. The hip joint does a good job of transferring the weight of our body to our pelvic and allowing us to do many activities. However, the swing and follow through motions of golfing can [...]

What type of pain do I have and what does it mean?

The main reason patients walk into our clinic is because of pain. They have experienced or is experiencing some form of pain which causes them discomfort. Pain can present itself very differently depending on the cause of it. Why is knowing the type of pain you have important? Being able to determine what type of [...]

Scoliosis 101

What is scoliosis? Do I have a crooked spine? Scoliosis is a condition where an individual has a sideways curve (C-shaped or S-shaped curve) of the spine. It is often coupled with rotation of the curved spine. There is not much information on the causes of scoliosis. Research shows that it is often idiopathic (no [...]

How to unlock a stiff neck?

Have you ever woken up from bed in the morning and suddenly you aren’t able to turn your neck? You have no idea how it happened, and the pain may be quite unbearable. It is very likely you have a condition known as ‘Acute Torticollis’. Acute Torticollis occurs when the muscles of neck region become [...]

Disc Herniation Part 2 – How do I know if I have a slipped disc?

How do I know if I have a slipped disc - What are the common signs and symptoms? Some of the symptoms that individuals with slipped disc may experience are: Pain when coughing or sneezing Pain worsening during extension of low back, sitting or standing Numbness, tingling sensation that radiates to the limbs Weakness of [...]

Disc Herniation Part 1 – What is a slipped disc?

We often have patients that visit our clinic and say, “I think I have a slipped disc”, however not many fully understand what a slipped disc is and how it can affect the body. This article will share with you the important details you will need to know if you think you may have [...]

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