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Spinal Exercises: How and Why?

Exercises should be a regular part of our daily activity and weekly routine. As a chiropractor, we always advise our clients to maintain a healthy lifestyle and physical activity is a habit that we constantly encourage. There are many benefits such as healthy muscles, bones and mobile joints. It also helps us burn calories and [...]

Sitting For Too Long

The recent Movement Control Order in Malaysia has caused most of us to stay home and start working from home. Many of us came into this unprepared. We did not have the right tables, the right chairs and since then we may have started feeling old pains exacerbated or even new pains. Worse than bad [...]

Spinal Health

Stuck at home wondering what can you do to help your spine? Here are some ways you can still give your back the best when you can’t get to your chiropractor, physiotherapist or spinal expert. These are in no way going to replace the importance of healthcare or seeing a specialist. These are just some [...]

Lower Back Pain Gardening

Many clients enjoy gardening as it eases their minds and gives them a sense of connection to nature and their environment. However, with degeneration and aging, or let’s be honest even 20 year olds, pain creeps in during our favourite hobby and it can be upsetting. Simply put, gardening may be slow paced and relaxing [...]

De Quervain’s Tendinosis

Have you experienced pain in your thumbs that sometimes travels up to your forearm and even your elbow? Do you get this pain when you are gripping something or twisting your wrist? I have had golfers, badminton players, rock-climbers, even patients who do not engage in sports complain of such pain and they feel like [...]

Mums, Don’t Keep Mum!

It seems that everywhere we look, someone we know has back pain. Whether you work at home taking care of your family, spend long days at the office (or both!), back pain has become so common, it now affects 4 out of 5 adults around the world! Even our growing kids and teens complain of neck [...]

Golf Warm Up Steps

Step 1 We start with general warm up exercises. These activities would help to generate heat in the joints, muscles, ligaments and other soft tissue before we move into the next phase. Activities could include climbing stairs, a comfortable jog or brisk walking. This is meant to be simple and the goal would be to [...]

Pain In The Butt

Let’s get real, having pain in our buttocks can be a real pain in the butt! At Healthworks, I see many clients with lower back and buttock pain. Most of the time, it is can stops them from running, walking, standing to even sitting or lying down. So how do I approach the problem and [...]

Scoliosis – Part 2

In my last blog, I explained the different types of scoliosis, how we screen for them and how we could see them presenting in ourselves, our friends and family. It is again, really important to note, that scoliosis is in most cases, not a life-threatening disease and we do not have to live in fear [...]

Scoliosis: Part 1

What is Scoliosis? Scoliosis is described as a medical condition whereby a person’s spine curves either laterally or rotationally in a C-shape or an S-shape. Commonly it starts when boys and girls reach puberty. Most research show girls showing signs of scoliosis around 11 years of age while boys show signs a little later around [...]

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